Gratitude Wall Mosaic

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Thank you for always being my "third mom." You are a wonderful person & provide advice and guidance to me and to so many others. And you are never critical when giving advice. Just so supportive.
Many thanks for all of your hard work and commitment to mentoring - we salute you!
I am enternally grateful to have had you as my counselor when I was in 10th grade. My life was in turmoil and I had no one to turn to. You were the light that brought me out of the darkness. Thank you
Thank you for being an incredible mentor, guide and friend. So much of who I am is because you took the time to show me what mattered!
Your dedication to & enthusiasm for the development & launch of 1000 Women for Mentoring has been inspiring! Without you, we would have had a great idea, with you, we have a platform to inspire all!
To Gail - sending gratitude for your VISION and LEADERSHIP in Making 1000 Women a reality - and for helping to make the mentoring movement so much more powerful and able to help more kids! Barb
Gina - so grateful for your leadership - you are the guiding hand that kept us on track - your efforts are making 1000 Women for Mentoring a reality. Barb
Bonnie was my cooperating teacher when I did my student teaching in college. Aside from being an amazing teacher, she taught me to love teaching through her affirmation of my learning that year.
Thank you for raising me in an ethnic, racial, socioeconomical diverse group of people. I thank you for making who I am and holding me to the promise of who we can be.
Thank you for all you have done in my life. You have made me the person I am and have taught me all I know. Thank you for making me your world.
You all are my light, my 2nd moms! I do not what I would do or where I would be without you all and your amazing families! You have all been an important part of who I am. I am so grateful for you!
Marian - your ideas and enthusiasm on ways to help kids are inspiring!
Barbara, thank you for continuing to open your heart to me and for being the beacon of hope in my life. It is because of your love and support that I am the woman I am today. THANK YOU, THANK YOU.!!
I just wanted to say THANK YOU! You all have been such a huge part of my life this past year or so & have impacted me in more ways than I think you know. Thank you for everything, you all inspire me!
Thank you for your commitment to mentoring through Black Girls Rock, and for your contribution to the 2012 Nat'l Mentoring Summit. Your moderating of the mentor/mentee match panel was touching!
Thank you for your commitment to America's youth through 1000 Women for Mentoring! We salute you for the examples you set and the ways you continue to Inspire, Influence and Invest everyday!
The words "thank you" are not big enough to express my gratitude for all the passionate, caring women who have mentored and loved all our "darlings" in Footsteps. I am so Grateful. Love Judi
So VERY grateful for the part you played and continue to play in my life. Without you I would not have found my voice and the confidence to continue to develop that voice. I truly love you :)
I would like to first thank God for allowing me an opportunity to be a mentor. I know that if it was not for Him, I would not be able to do the things I do to be the best mentor I can be. Thank You
Thank you for guiding me and helping me craft my art of nursing. Many lives have been touched by this gift you gave me.
You are amazing people who continue to bless others!! You all make a difference. I see positive changes in you, in the children, in the families and our future!!! Blessings.
You launched my career in financial services and you believed in me. You ensured I was challenged and grew professionally, as my mentor first and then my friend. Thanks for 26 years of support!
Thank you for being such a fabulous mentor during a critical time in my career.