Studies have shown that young people with mentors are more likely to graduate from high school and set higher goals for themselves, and they're less likely to skip school, use drugs or fight... By watching their mentors, children learn to expect more from themselves.
First Lady Michelle Obama, 2011 National Mentoring Summit,
The Library of Congress, Washington, DC
As part of the 2012 National Mentoring Summit, hundreds of guests participated in the launch of 1000 Women for Mentoring at the International Spy Museum. Attendees included 1000 Women for Mentoring founding members Beverly Bond; Maria Cuomo Cole; Matilda Cuomo; Alma Powell; Dr. Jean Rhodes; Kerry Sullivan and Daisey Holmes, co-founders Regina Aldisert and Barbara Canter. Click here for more.
Bank of America Charitable Foundation is the proud sponsor of 1000 Women for Mentoring.
1000 Women for Mentoring: women who believe in the power of youth mentoring and support that belief with action. Click here to view the video.
Powerful women across the country are creatively and passionately evolving the world of quality mentoring. Connect with others to learn, grow and share your stories of struggle and success.
A collective voice will raise the volume on the need for quality mentoring in ways we can never do alone. Amplify your influence on a local and national level.
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